Our Evergreens are very hardy and come with a (1) year guaranteed to grow warranty!  Our plants are larger than most of our competitors and are fast growing.  You will find Cedar, Pine, Hemlock, Larch, Cypress and Spruce Trees and Shrubs in this category!
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Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -American Larch Tree (18-24 inches) - Northern Ridge Nursery
18-24 Inches

American Larch Tree (18-24 inches)

$ 18.95$ 8.95
Larix Laricina - Native Plant of North America Why American Larch? A member of the pine family, the American larch is a deciduous conifer that flourishes in the wetlands. It...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Bald Cypress Tree (2-3 Foot) - Northern Ridge Nursery
2-3 Foot

Bald Cypress Tree (2-3 Foot)

$ 19.95$ 9.95
  Bald Cypress - The Slow-Growing Long-Living Trees Why Bald Cypress? The bald cypress, the state tree of Louisiana, is the perfect addition to your backyard. In the fall, the tree...