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Bald Cypress Tree

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Bald Cypress - The Slow-Growing Long-Living Trees

Why Bald Cypress?

The bald cypress, the state tree of Louisiana, is the perfect addition to your backyard. In the fall, the tree leaves change from forest green to tan, cinnamon, and fiery orange, adding to its beauty and mythical look. These slow-growing trees reach up to 600 years in age and play an important role in preserving wildlife.


Taxodium distichum tends to grow in the rivers and wetlands. Widely distributed along the Atlantic Coastal Plain, these trees are generally restricted to the wetlands where moisture is abundant. Although, they are also found in dry areas and are planted as ornamental trees because of their Spanish moss-like leaves and knee-like roots.


Despite its thin bark, the bald cypress is excellent at absorbing floodwater and preventing erosion. It also traps pollutants and stops them from spreading, thus aiding the wildlife and the environment.


The rot-resistant heartwood is valued for multiple treasures. The bald cypress is widely used to make boats, cabinets, fence posts, and flooring.

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