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Red Mulberry Tree

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Red Mulberry Tree - Northern Ridge Nursery

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Red Mulberry – A Nutrition Powerhouse

Why Red Mulberry (Morus Rubra)?

The red mulberry, also known scientifically as Morus rubra, is a mulberry indigenous to the eastern and central regions of North America. It is small to a medium-sized deciduous tree. The flowers are not very noticeable since they are tiny, yellowish-green, or reddish-green, and they bloom simultaneously as the leaves do. In the spring and early summer, birds show a strong interest in the berries; in Arkansas alone, up to 31 species of birds have been seen visiting fruiting trees.


The red mulberry is a marvel in and of itself due to its diverse array of nutrients, applications, and advantages. Not only can you eat and benefit from the berries, but it also has anti-cancer properties.


Despite this, mulberries are nutritional powerhouses because they contain abundant essential nutrients such as vitamin C, K, iron, and anthocyanin, which are especially good for the blood.


When its bark is damaged, it secretes a substance similar to latex, which prevents the tree from being overrun by predators and enables any wounded tissue to recover and close itself swiftly.


The berries can be eaten off the bush or used in preserves, jams, and jellies. They can also be used as a baking ingredient to liven up a bread, muffin, or cake.


Pollination: The flowers are cross-pollinated by the wind.

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