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Red Osier Dogwood Shrub

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Red Osier Dogwood Shrub

Cornus sericea - Growth To 10 Feet.  Colorful all year. Grows rapidly to multi-stem shrub. Ideal for holding soil on steep banks. Correct botanical name is now Cornus sericea, not Cornus stolonifera. An upright, loose, multi-stemmed, broad-spreading shrub with horizontal branches at the base. The young stems are slender, very smooth, and red. The bark remains a deep red for some time finally turning gray-brown with a rough sandpaper like texture. This is a thicket forming shrub. The foliage is green in summer, but varies in the fall from little color to reddish purple. The cream-white flowers appear in cymes in the spring producing dull white drupes in July to September.

The redosier dogwood prefers full sun with an evenly moist soil, but has wide range of tolerance except for extremely dry conditions. Periodic renewal of this shrub by cutting it back to the ground will allow the red color of the younger stems to show. Item # L1042 Shipping Size: 1-3 Feet


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