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Prunus virginiana – The Virginia Bird Cherry

Why Choke Cherry?

Chokecherry is a beautiful deciduous and thicket-forming tree that adds an exotic touch to your backyard. It is a medium-sized tree and rarely reaches a height of 30 feet. It produces perfect flowers which are fragrant and arranged in cylindrical racemes 3 to 6 inches long. The dark glossy green leaves and rich brown bark adds to its beauty.


Chokecherry was first cultivated as an ornamental plant, but its popularity grew once its uses became apparent. The fruit was a staple for numerous Indian tribes across the North American continent and was cooked and dried before eating. The fruit is used in soups and stews as a thickening agent. They have been used for a sedative or anti-diarrheal. The bark and dried fruit can be used to stimulate appetite.


Chokecherry is equally essential to wildlife. It provides food, cover, and bird nesting and is sought out by many wild animals, such as bears, rodents, etc., for fruit.


Its rapid growth, mature size, and spread make it popular for ornamental reasons. It is a good yard tree in urban neighborhoods and produces beautiful white flowers with a sweet and almond-like fragrance.

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