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Hardy Apricot Tree - Northern Ridge Nursery

Prunus Armeniaca- Native Plant of West Asia

Why Hardy Apricot?

One of the world's most commonly cultivated and grown species of apricots, the Hardy Apricot is a deciduous tree usually grown for its small, yellow-red, sweet fruit with a single large pit in the center.


The nectar of the five-parted white or pink flowers of the Hardy Apricot plant allows this tree to serve as the hosting and breeding grounds for the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. Due to this ability to attract butterflies, the Hardy Apricot plant is popularly grown in gardens and in private parks.


To reach a mature height of 20 to 25 feet within three to 4 years, the Hardy Apricot plant needs sunlight exposure of six to nine hours, along with sufficiently irrigated and well-drained soil.


Although the fruit is edible both directly or when cooked, the stem and the leaves of the Prunus Armeniaca plant are highly poisonous for humans and can lead to troubled breathing, dilated pupils, shock, and even death.

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