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Castanea Mollissima - A Chinese Chestnut For The Northeast

Why Chinese Chestnut?

Chinese Chestnut belongs to the Fagaceae family and is a deciduous tree that produces edible nuts in September and October. It is a medium-sized tree that grows up to 25 feet at maturity. Although famous for its low-fat nuts, the tree is exotic and beautiful and an ideal addition to your backyard.


Chinese chestnuts are an ideal source of starch. People usually score, roast, and boil the nuts to remove the leathery outer shell and gain the pale golden meat inside. The nut is delicious and used to make pancakes, poultry stuffing, and bread.


The Chinese chestnut tree prefers well-drained loamy soil that is slightly acidic. Ensure the growing site has good circulation; otherwise, the root system and buds will damage and reduce the crop.


Chinese chestnuts are particularly attractive because they have blight-resistant varieties available.


Pollination: Should be planted in pairs or groups to ensure pollination

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