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Larix Laricina - Native Plant of North America

Why American Larch?

A member of the pine family, the American larch is a deciduous conifer that flourishes in the wetlands. It is the perfect addition to your landscape as it brings beauty and wildlife to your backyard. The native tree can grow up to 20 meters tall and grows in a wide range of soil conditions, from wet to moist organic soil. Wildlife is attracted to the trees and eats the seeds, seedlings, and bark. In contrast, birds use it for nesting.


Despite its poor pulping properties and limited use due to increased exposure to insects and diseases, the tamarack is used for making pulp products, wood products like poles, fuelwood, boxes, and crates, and for ornamental purposes.


American Larch is a fascinating tree and is also used as an edible. The spring roots can be boiled, the inner bark can be ground for flour, and the needles and roots can be brewed for tea.


Larix laricina is highly susceptible to fire damage. The thin bark and shallow roots can quickly catch fire, but the wet and moist surroundings prevent severe damage. Strong winds and high water levels can also perish the native plant. 

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