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Black Locust Tree - Northern Ridge Nursery

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Black Locust - A Tree With Many Uses

Why Black Locust?

Black locust is a medium-sized hardwood deciduous tree belonging to the tribe Robinieae of the legume family Fabaceae. It has an aggressive root system and a zigzag branching system, which adds to its unique look and makes it an interesting addition to your garden. It has sweetly fragrant flowers that are creamy white in color and have five bean-shaped petals.


Adapted to a wide variety of soil types, black locusts are easy to grow and prefer deep, well-drained sites and are derived from limestone. Its population ranges from the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania all the way to Alabama.


Due to its ease of establishment, fast growth, and spread, the tree plays a critical part in controlling erosion. Its strong wood is also utilized for landscaping, mining timbers, and fencing.


After the first two years of planting, these trees require little to no management. During establishment, protection from weeds and deer is a priority.

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