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Black Cherry - The Rose Family’s Largest Child

Why Black Cherry?

Black Cherry is a large native tree found throughout the United States. The tree blooms showy white flowers in the early spring, which later turn into dark pea-sized fruits in the late summer, making it the ideal addition to your landscape.


The deciduous tree, Prunus serotina, grows on moist wooded slopes and upland woods and is confined to canyons, valleys, and rich bottomlands. It prefers full sun to partial shade and can withstand heavy pruning. If grown in the right conditions, the tree grows like a weed and overtakes the landscape with greenery.


Black Cherry is one of the most valued furniture woods in North America. It is used for making toys, handles, interior trim, and medical instruments. The fruit is edible and can be eaten raw or used in wine and jelly to add flavor.


Black Cherry trees are highly susceptible to fire and ice damage and thus suitable for drier lands, along fencerows, and the edges of wooded areas.

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