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Black Chokeberry - Deciduous Foundation Small Tree or Large Shrub

Why Black Chokeberry?

Black Chokeberry is a member of the rose family, a deciduous Small Tree or Large Shrub that grows up to 3 to 6 feet tall and is known for its fall colors and berries. Black Chokeberry has several varieties, all slightly different in their appearance. The Small Tree or Large Shrub grows upright and in a rounded shape which is easier to maintain and handle.


The Black Chokeberry is used for ornamental purposes. The green foliage turns red or reddish-purple in the fall, adding to its beauty and giving a glaring contrast to the landscape. The tree also blooms white five-petaled small flowers in the spring.


The flowers give rise to blackish-purple fruit that is extremely juicy and quickly shrivels up after ripening. The wildlife and birds quickly find the fruit and consume them, leaving bare branches and green foliage behind.


Aronia melanocarpa is essential in the wild. Its resistance to harsh temperatures and moderate floods makes it ideal for mass landscaping to prevent erosion and handle windbreaks.

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