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Mountain Ash – A Deciduous Perennial Tree

Why Mountain Ash (Sorbus Americana)?

Mountain Ash, scientifically known as Sorbus Americana, is a deciduous understory shrub relatively modest in size, a member of the rose family, and native to the northeastern part of North America, ranging from Newfoundland to Georgia. While the white flowers and the vibrant orange-red fruit add additional interest to the tree, they can also be used as a shade tree in naturalized areas or on slopes.

Over the years, many studies have highlighted mountain ash to cure various ailments, including renal illness, diabetes, arthritis, vitamin C insufficiency, diarrhea, and menstruation issues.

The attractive qualities of the Sorbus Americana tree have led to its widespread cultivation for use in parks and gardens; however, it grows best on lush, wet soil and at the edges of marshes.

Many species, such as catbirds, thrushes, and waxwings, and other forms of flora and fauna, such as butterflies and bees, as well as more enormous creatures like moose, rely heavily on mountain ash.

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