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Japanese Rugosa Rose – Pleasantly Scented Flowering Tree

Why Japanese Rugosa Rose (Rosa Rugosa)?

The Japanese Rugosa Rose is a kind of rose indigenous to eastern Asia. You may find this species of rose in northeastern Korea, China, Japan, and southeastern Siberia. It thrives best on the beaches of the ocean and, more specifically, on dunes. Rugosa is what's known as a suckering shrub, which simply means that it sprouts new plants from its own roots. The petals vary from light pink to deep magenta.


In China, fragrant blossoms are often used to prepare flower jams and other traditional Asian sweets. However, in both Japan and China, Japanese Rugosa Rose is specifically used to produce potpourri.


This species of rosa rugosa hybridizes readily with a wide variety of other roses, and rose breeders prize it for its significant resistance to illnesses such as rose rust and rose black spot.


It is valued for its beautiful blooms and is often used in the construction of hedges and windbreaks beside roads in Germany and Denmark because of its ability to prevent erosion.

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