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Nannyberry – Multi-Stemmed, Suckering Deciduous Shrub

Why Nannyberry (Viburnum Lentago)?

Nannyberry, also known as Viburnum lentago, is a multi-stemmed, upright, suckering, deciduous shrub that typically grows tall; however, it may also be cultivated as a small tree with a single trunk. Beautiful white flowers in flat-topped cymes appear in spring, but drupes that resemble berries and blue-black replace these blooms in the fall—quite attractive to birds and wildlife.

Viburnums benefit birds and other pollinators and are also crucial as host plants for various butterflies and moths. Surprisingly, they also do not have any serious insect or disease problems.

Since "perfect" flowers include male and female organs, they might reproduce independently; however, additional pollination (two or three bushes) is suggested for cross-pollination to ensure successful fruit development.

The fruits may be consumed directly off the plant or processed into preserves such as jams and jellies. The juice extracted from the nannyberry benefits those with digestive and menstruation issues.

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