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Northern Bayberry Bush

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Northern Bayberry – An Interesting Dimension for Any Landscape

Why Northern Bayberry (Myrica Pennsylvania)?

Myrica Pennsylvania, often known as the northern bayberry, is a species of the genus Myrica, indigenous to eastern North America. Northern bayberry’s range extends from Newfoundland to Ontario and Ohio in the west and North Carolina in the south to South Carolina in the east. It is a deciduous shrub that may reach a height of 4.5 meters, with the broadest part of the leaf located at its tip. When crushed, the leaves are serrated, sticky, and have a pungent odor.

The Northern Bayberry is a thick deciduous shrub that has several stems and seems to be rounder than it really is. Its average texture allows it to blend well with the surrounding scenery.

This intriguing native shrub is well-known for its unusual small waxy gray fruits clinging to its branches throughout the winter, often used to make bayberry wax candles.

Among Native Americans, the leaves were used as a poultice to cure various wounds. Additionally, it is also said to have been utilized as a charm medication to banish the spirits of the dead.

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