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Paper Birch – Remarkable Papery White Bark Tree

Why Paper Birch (Betula Papyrifera)?

Betula Papyrifera, commonly known as paper birch, is a birch endemic to the northern regions of North America. It gets its name from the tree's papery-looking bark, which is very thin and white and sometimes peels away from the trunk in sections, depending on where in the world you find it. Catkins support both male and female flowers, although they do so in different clusters.

The virtually white wood is utilized for various products, including woodenware, pulp, and fuel. Native Americans made boats and roofs out of some trees' thin, water-resistant bark.

Paper birch is one of the first species to colonize a burnt region in northern latitudes, making them essential for moose browsing. Not to forget, it is one of their favorite trees for feeding on.

The flowers are the wind-pollinated catkins. The female flowers are greenish and grow to be 1+12 inches long, while male blooms may range in length from 2 to 4 inches and have a brownish hue.

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