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The Dwarf Sand Cherry

Why Hansen’s Bush Cherry?

The Hansen’s Bush Cherry tree is a breathtaking and enchanting tree that can easily enhance the beauty of your landscape. The tree produces creeping stems that grow outwards from the plant, and the branches grow 3 to 9 feet high. The tree has small white to pinkish flowers that simultaneously give it a creepy and beautiful look.


Beautiful flowers in the spring give way to fruits in the mid-season. The wildlife enjoys the fruits, while the plants are ideal for landscaping due to their attractive flowers and neat prostrate growth.


The largest of the North American cherries, it can be eaten straight from the bush, made into preserves or pies, or dried for later use.


The tree is easy to cultivate and prefers sandy soils close to a water body. However, it will grow readily on any soil that has good drainage. It is drought tolerant but can suffer during short durations of flooding.


Hansen’s Bush Cherry, Prunus pumila is mainly used for lakeshore and streambank stabilization and has an extensive root system that traps sand during flood events.


Pollination: Self-Fertile and pollinated by insects.

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