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Northern Pecan – A Wood-Friendly Tree with Buttery Nuts

Why Northern Pecan (Carya Illinoinensis)?

The pecan tree is a hickory indigenous to the area around the Mississippi River and northern Mexico. The monoecious nature of the northern pecan tree manifests itself in the presence of both male and female blooms on the same plant, so it is self-pollinating. The seed itself is a kind of nut that may be eaten; however, for the optimum nut output, it is necessary to cultivate more than one species of pecan tree. The nuts reach full maturity around the middle of October and are packed with many essential nutrients.


Pecans may be eaten, and their seeds have a taste similar to that of creamy butter. You may eat them fresh or use them in cooking, especially in sweet confectioneries like pecan pie.


A pecan nut has around 14 percent carbs, 9 percent protein, 4% water, and 72% fat. Altogether, pecans provide 690 calories and are an abundant source of many different nutrients.


Pecan wood is utilized in manufacturing furniture and as flavoring fuel for smoking meats, giving grilled dishes a sweet and nutty taste—better than the flavor imparted by many fruit woods.

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