Staghorn Sumac Tree

Northern Ridge Nursery

Staghorn Sumac Tree

Rhus typhina

Other common names: velvet sumac, hairy sumac.

Mature Height: 15 ft

Soil / Climate: Grows well in low nutrient soils, sun and shade. Staghorn sumac grows in gardens, lawns, the edges of forests, and wasteland. It can grow under a wide array of conditions, but is most often found in dry and poor soil on which other plants cannot survive. Tolerates a wide range of climates.

Notes: Long slender leaves change from bright green to orange-red in the autumn. Flowers are dense yellow-green and fragrant. Fruit forms in dense, bright red, compact clusters, and persists thoughout winter. Sumac will spread from root suckers. Some beekeepers use dried sumac bobs as a source of fuel for their smokers. All parts of the staghorn sumac, except the roots, can be used as a natural dye. Branches have a hairy texture.

Wildlife: Fruit is eaten by turkey, ruffed grouse, bobwhite, pheasant, and many others.

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