Air Plants

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Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Mystery Air Plant - Northern Ridge Nursery

Mystery Air Plant

$ 8.99
Get an air plant that our plant experts will pick out on your behalf. We choose only in-season healthy air plants to ship to you. Species will vary from any plant we have...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Adreana Air Plant w/ Fertilizer - Northern Ridge Nursery

Adreana Air Plant w/ Fertilizer

$ 15.99
Botanical Name: Tillandsia Adreana Description: The Adreana is a larger dome shaped air plant native to Colombia. The leaves on the Adreana are fine, pointed leaves which grow outward evenly...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Air Plant Display Hanger - Brass - Northern Ridge Nursery

Air Plant Display Hanger - Brass

$ 14.99 – $ 16.99
Includes Air Plant Display Hanger (Brass)The perfect display for your favorite air plant. Makes an impactful statement and a great gift.4 Inches Tall x 3 Inches Wide*Add-on will come with...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -10pk Veluntina Air Plants - Northern Ridge Nursery

10pk Veluntina Air Plants

$ 39.99
Botanical Name: Tillandsia Velutina Description: The Velutina is a flowering air plant with sturdy pointed leaves which grow outwards from its thin base.
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Large Air Plant Bundle - Northern Ridge Nursery

Large Air Plant Bundle

$ 19.99
Large Air Plant CollectionOur large air plant collection includes a curation of favorite Air Plants.  All orders come with an exclusive limited-edition postcard. Type: Bundle of 8 Tillandsia Air Plants that range in shapes...