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Quaking Aspen Tree - Northern Ridge Nursery

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Quaking Aspen – A Deciduous Tree Native to Colder Regions

Why Quaking Aspen (Populus Tremuloides)?

Native to the colder regions of North America, the deciduous Populus Tremuloides tree is one of several species collectively known by the common names quaking aspen, American aspen, trembling aspen, golden aspen, white poplar, trembling poplar, and popple. The species reproduce by sending out new roots, which results in the formation of enormous clonal groves. Because new growth emerges from adventitious buds on the parent root system, these roots are not rhizomes (the ortet).

Much like other poplar species, Aspens are extensively used in camping areas because they are readily available, inexpensive, and not often utilized in timber construction.

Native Americans use aspen as a source of nutrition in their diet. The inner bark is first chopped into strips, then dried, and crushed before being combined with starches to make bread or mush.

Because aspen engages in vegetative regeneration, trees are almost identical to one another, and if anything, that kills one of the trees would ultimately destroy all of the trees in the group.

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