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Red Currant – Source for Bright Red Translucent Edible Berries

Why Red Currant (Ribes Sativum)?

The redcurrant, often known as the red currant (Ribes rubrum), is classified in the gooseberry family and belongs to the genus Ribes. A plant with an upright spreading growth habit, red currant has dark green and deciduous foliage throughout the growing season. In the autumn, the lobed leaves turn yellowish; in the early summer, the plant bears an abundance of gorgeous red berries. Since this is a self-pollinating variety, it does not need a second plant in the vicinity to produce fruit.

Red Currant is a relatively tiny shrub planted chiefly for its food properties, even though it also has some benefits as an aesthetic plant, primarily found in gardens, river banks, and forest fragments.

When redcurrant fruit reaches maturity, its characteristic sour flavor is noticeably stronger than its closely related blackcurrant fruit, although it has about the same sweetness level.

Relatively rigid and erect, becoming laxer with age; ideal for a reserved position in the fruit garden or orchard; may be prone to mildew, allowing excellent airflow around the plant.

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