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Hybrid Poplar – A Very Fast-Growing Tree

Why Hybrid Poplar?

Hybrid poplar, scientifically known as Populus deltoides X Populus nigra, is one of the most wonderful shade trees you can find in the United States. The oval form of the hybrid poplar tree is aesthetically beautiful and adds value to any property. Additionally, the tree's bark, leaves, and twigs are eaten by rodents, deer, rabbits, beavers, and porcupines, making them wildlife-friendly.

Characterized by triangular leaves that are 3–6 inches long and 4–5 inches broad, the upper surfaces of the leaves are a dark green that may almost seem silvery, while the undersides are lighter.

Although numerous crossings go by the label "hybrid poplar," black poplar from North Africa and Europe and eastern cottonwood from the United States have been favorites for a long time.

It offers food for animals such as white-tailed and mule deer, even while the trees are still in the seedling stage. In addition, it provides several bird species a valuable habitat to roost and raise.

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