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All About The Purple Blooming Lilac

Why Old Fashioned Lilac?

Old Fashioned Lilac is a popular ornamental plant that is a perennial, deciduous Large Shrub and grows 12 to 15 feet tall. It is an old-fashioned and beloved Large Shrub because of its beautiful and fragrant flowers. It is one of the most effective flowering Large Shrubs and is common in northern and colder climates.


It is easy to establish and grows well in most soil types but prefers neutral to slightly acidic growing sites. They love the sun and must be positioned in a warm sunny area with well-drained soils.


Old Fashioned Lilac is a Large Shrub with multiple uses. Its bark and leaves are chewed for sore mouth treatment. In contrast, its twigs and flowers are used for obtaining green and yellow-orange dye. It is also famous for its fragrance and is used in perfumes.


Syringa vulgaris are also used as screen, hedges, and specimens. The smaller Large Shrubs can be potted in containers and used in small gardens for their enchanting beauty and alluring scent.

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