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Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Kokedama Moss Ball Hanging Plant - Northern Ridge Nursery

Kokedama Moss Ball Hanging Plant

$ 29.99 – $ 39.99
Kokedama  is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. The idea has its origins in Japan, where it is a combination of the nearai...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -500ml Watering Squeeze Bottle - Northern Ridge Nursery

500ml Watering Squeeze Bottle

$ 9.99
This multi-purpose squeeze bottle is perfect for any household with houseplants. Small Squeeze Water Bottle INCLUDES: 1 x 500ml Bottle CAPACITY: 500ml
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Acrylic Paint Pen - Northern Ridge Nursery

Acrylic Paint Pen

$ 19.99
12 pack of acrylic medium point tip paint pen with highly pigmented acrylic ink. Dries quickly. Non-toxic, water-based, and kid-friendly. Produce a very durable opaque and glossy finish on light...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Automatic Plant Waterers - Northern Ridge Nursery

Automatic Plant Waterers

$ 12.99
Automatic Plant Waterer - Ensure your plants receives water even if you're away. This simple device always draws water from a container to keep the soil moist automatically.   Simple design that doesn't require batteries...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Chromo Vase - 3 Inch - Northern Ridge Nursery

Chromo Vase - 3 Inch

$ 21.99
The Chromo Vase is the perfect cylinder for a playful arrangement. Colorful stripes are balanced by a neutral top and matte finish. Weight: 0.75 lbs Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 6.75" Material: Ceramic
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Eco-Friendly 'Plant Fiber' Pot - 6 Inch - Northern Ridge Nursery

Eco-Friendly 'Plant Fiber' Pot - 6 Inch

$ 14.99
This eco-friendly plant fiber pot is made from biodegradable bamboo. Now you can pre-pot your house plant in a sustainable planter. To make the pot, bamboo is first broken down...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Ebba Basket - Northern Ridge Nursery

Ebba Basket

$ 22.99
Woven from seagrass, the Ebba Basket is a stylish addition to our basket collection.   Dimensions:  Small: 6.25"x 4.25" Medium: 8.25"x 6"
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Eyes Pot - 7 Inch - Northern Ridge Nursery

Eyes Pot - 7 Inch

$ 45.99
The Eyes Pot is a simple yet stylish ceramic piece featuring an eye pattern adorned across the pot. Weight: 3 lbs Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 7" Material: Ceramic Opening: 7"...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Front Range 'Steps' Handmade Pot - Northern Ridge Nursery

Front Range 'Steps' Handmade Pot

$ 34.99 – $ 47.99
Small modern handmade ceramic planter in a raw, unglazed earthenware clay. There are three color options available: White, Pink Ecru, and Terracotta. The planter includes a drainage hole and is...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Glass Mister Green - Northern Ridge Nursery

Glass Mister Green

$ 28.99
House Plant Shop Air Plant Mister is easy to use and keeps your Plants fresh and healthy. The metal mister is a stylish option to watering your air Plants or...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Green Fluorite Crystals - Northern Ridge Nursery

Green Fluorite Crystals

$ 11.99
Crystal Name: Green FluoriteDescription: Fluorite crystals are natural gemstones that are often used to dress plants. These crystals are believed to have healing properties and can promote growth and vitality...
Buy Trees and Shrubs Online -Herb Scissors - Green - Northern Ridge Nursery

Herb Scissors - Green

$ 24.99
Three high precision, sharp stainless steel blades make this scissor a favorite. Cut, snip and mince herbs while retaining flavorful oils. Fast and easy with cleaner/cover. Size: 7.5" overall