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American Elderberry Bush - Northern Ridge Nursery
2-3 Foot3-4 Foot

American Black Elderberry Bush (2-3 Foot)

$ 20.95From $ 9.95
American Black Elderberry - Tree of Music Why American Black Elderberry? Famous in Europe and North Africa for a long time, black elderberries were once thought to ward off evil...
American Cranberry Bush (18-24 Inch)
18-24 Inch2-3 Foot

American Cranberry Bush (18-24 Inch)

$ 19.95From $ 8.95
American Highbush Cranberry – A Medicinal Deciduous Shrub Why Highbush Cranberry (Viburnum Trilobum)? Highbush cranberry, scientifically known as Viburnum Trilobum, is a deciduous shrub—species of Viburnum native to northern North America. The...
Persimmon Tree - Northern Ridge Nursery
18-24 Inches

American Persimmon Tree (18-24 Inches)

$ 18.95$ 8.95
Persimmon – American-Favorite for Fruit and Timber Why Persimmon (Diospyros Virginiana)? American persimmon, eastern persimmon, common persimmon, simmon, possumwood, sugar plum, and possum apples are all colloquial names for the...
Aronia Bush - Northern Ridge Nursery
2-3 Foot

Aronia Bush (2-3 Foot)

$ 19.95$ 9.95
Black Chokeberry or Aronia - Deciduous Foundation Small Tree or Large Shrub Why Black Chokeberry? Black Chokeberry is a member of the rose family, a deciduous Small Tree or Large...
Northern Bayberry Bush (18-24 Inches)
18-24 Inches

Northern Bayberry Bush (18-24 Inches)

$ 18.95$ 8.95
USDA Hardiness Zone Lookup Tool   Northern Bayberry – An Interesting Dimension for Any Landscape Why Northern Bayberry (Myrica Pennsylvania)? Myrica Pennsylvania, often known as the northern bayberry, is a...
Red Mulberry Tree - Northern Ridge Nursery
3-4 Foot

Red Mulberry Tree (3-4 Foot)

$ 20.95$ 10.95
USDA Hardiness Zone Lookup Tool     Red Mulberry – A Nutrition Powerhouse Why Red Mulberry (Morus Rubra)? The red mulberry, also known scientifically as Morus rubra, is a mulberry...
Common Serviceberry Tree - Northern Ridge Nursery
1-2 Foot

Saskatoon Serviceberry Tree (1-2 Foot)

$ 18.95$ 8.95
USDA Hardiness Zone Lookup Tool   Serviceberry – A Genus of Roughly 20 Deciduous Shrubs Why Serviceberry (Amelanchier Spp.)? Amelanchier, also known as serviceberry, sugarplum, Juneberry, wild-plum, or chuckley pear, is...