Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit

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Are you in need of the perfect irrigation kit for your greenhouse? Look no further than the Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit - the ultimate irrigation solution for all your hoop house watering needs! This customizable kit has everything you need to set up a reliable drip irrigation system strong enough to last multiple seasons. Plus, it's easily connected to any standard garden hose or outdoor water faucet in seconds.

This kit will make things easier for consistent watering in your hoop house greenhouse. Invest today, and reap the rewards of plentiful harvests for years to come! Curious about irrigation- check out our farmer-written article on irrigation.

Ordering Your Kit- Select the desired amount of rows and quantity of dripline to customize your kit. See our chart below for dripline amounts which are based on having 30" beds with up to 3 lines per bed. 

This chart represents the greenhouse widths and lengths and the recommended number of rolls of drip tape needed for those measurements.

Row Length/ HH Width

30’ W

20’ W

14’ W

100’ L

6 rolls

4 rolls

3 rolls

80’ L

6 rolls

3 rolls

2 rolls

60’ L

4 rolls

3 rolls

2 rolls

40’ L

2 rolls

2 rolls

1 roll

20’ L

1 roll

1 roll

1 roll


  • Available in 4 rows, 6 rows, and 9 rows configurations. (Includes valves, fittings, filter, and supply line for installing irrigation.)
  • Drip emitters every 12" delivering .95 Gallons per Hour (Can vary based on water pressure available.)
  • Optional add-a line for extra rows. (Additional valves and fittings for additional rows)
  • Comes with everything needed for installation. You will need to select the length of the drip line to include based on the chart above.
  • UV stabilized
  • Save water and grow healthier crops!
  • The drip line delivers water directly to the root zone of the plant.
  • Designed for efficient watering in a hoop house or high tunnel.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Also available overhead irrigation.
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Pollination Information

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